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Positive Youth Pickleball


Our mission at the First Dink Foundation is to empower youth in our community to become
leaders of character who contribute positively to society. We use the sport of pickleball to teach
invaluable life lessons about integrity, responsibility, sportsmanship, and commitment.


Through our comprehensive youth clinics and programs, participants from ages 5-14+ learn the
fundamentals of pickleball from experienced coaches and volunteers. They also learn core
values that will help them succeed off the court, such as leadership, conflict resolution,
teamwork, and resilience.

Our goal is that participants gain confidence by improving their skills and learning to win and
lose graciously. The real reward is watching youth grow into honorable citizens who uplift their
communities, serving each other and society.


"Pickleball 101" Youth Clinic

To lead into its launch on National Pickleball Day, First Dink hosted a “Pickleball 101” Youth Clinic on Saturday, August 6th at South Beach Park Pickleball Courts in Jacksonville Beach,  FL.


The First Dink Foundation uses the sport of pickleball to empower youth ages 5-14+ with athletic skills, leadership development, and character growth. Our programs aim to encourage children and teens to be active while empowering them to become responsible community members and engaged citizens.

Our introductory clinics and programs provide instruction on proper paddle grips, footwork, dinks, volleys, and serves to new players. They also work to improve hand-eye coordination and focus through fun, active drills. More advanced participants receive instruction on positioning, shot selection, and gameplay strategy as well.

At the First Dink Foundation, it's about more than just developing top pickleball players - it's about developing top citizens. Our programs empower youth to succeed on and off the court, becoming well-rounded individuals ready to positively impact society.


Serving up 

Instilling lifelong leadership and teambuilding

skills within the youth.

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