The First Dink Foundation is a non-profit 501(c)(3) youth organization with the mission to impact the lives of kids and teens in a way that builds character, instills long-term life skills and values, and promotes healthy lifestyle choices - all through the game of Pickleball.



The First Dink Foundation combines youth Pickleball instruction and coaching with mentorship and life skills development. This is achieved through the Positive Youth Development Methodology, consisting of: Curiosity, Character, Connection, Caring, Competency, Confidence, and Contribution.

Youth Pickleball is just part of a much larger mission at First Dink. The available programs strengthen character and help kids learn the skills they need to grow into capable, independent, and successful adults. These types of skills include:

  • Character development by exploring The Nine Core Values.

  • Learning proper introduction techniques.

  • Why diversity appreciation is important.

  • Means of coping with pressure and stress.

  • Ways to handle conflict resolution,

  • How to differentiate between dreams and goals.

  • The importance of planning for the future.


Watch Executive Director, Sam Veal, share more about the First Dink Foundation


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