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The First Dink Foundation is a non-profit organization dedicated to helping youth develop into upstanding citizens and future leaders through the sport of pickleball. Our programs use pickleball not just to teach athletic skills, but also as a platform for instilling crucial life lessons and building character. Through small-group lessons and mentorship from experienced coaches and volunteers, kids improve confidence and leadership abilities. They learn how to win and lose graciously, resolve conflicts, and work together toward shared objectives.


The mission of the First Dink Foundation is to “Serve Up Success” by empowering youth to
reach their full potential and positively impact society. We use the sport of pickleball to instill
crucial life skills, foster personal growth, and develop well-rounded citizens. Our programs build
character, leadership, teamwork, and sportsmanship in kids and teens. We provide a supportive community that models integrity, hard work, and commitment on and off the court.


Through mentorship and coaching, we prepare participants to meet life's challenges and
opportunities. Our goal is to equip youth with the values, resilience, and sense of purpose to
become engaged members of their communities who lead with character. By developing
citizens first and athletes second, the First Dink Foundation aims to serve youth, families, and
society at large.

To "Serve Up Success," the First Dink Foundation relies upon five core values, which include:
1. Teamwork - We believe in the power of collaboration. Working together, supporting each other, and being good teammates are keys to our success on and off the court.
2. Respect - We respect ourselves, our teammates, our opponents, and the game. Good sportsmanship, manners, and fair play are always expected.
3. Leadership - We empower youth to lead by example. We teach the importance of responsibility, integrity, and serving as role models in the community.
4. Camaraderie - We build meaningful connections through shared interests and common goals. The friendships and community we create on the court stay with us for life.
5. Empowerment - We provide opportunities for youth to gain confidence, skills, and leadership capabilities. Our programs empower young people to achieve their full potential.


Watch Executive Director, Sam Veal, share more about the First Dink Foundation

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